Cernunnos Media is a Swiss educational association (NGO) dedicated to balancing human potential, spirituality and planetary health. 




Stephan began independent study PhD degree in trans-personal research and philosophy with San Francisco-based Wisdom School of Ubiquity and partnered universities. He has a Bachelor's Degree in sustainable development from the University of Massachusetts and a Master's Degree in creative & critical thinking and international relations, as well as a post graduate certificate in Critical & Creative thinking. As a dual citizen of Ireland and USA, and resident of Rome, Italy, Stephan is member of International Academy of Consciousness, Swedenborg Foundation and The Academy of Ideas. He is also Director of Santa Monica-based Tree Media Foundation. For more than ten years Stephan was a film producer with Tree Media, including as associate producer on Leonardo DiCaprio's The 11th Hour. He also directed the documentary film Trees on a Canvas while living in  Namibia, Africa. Currently he is owner of LOFT 1111 in Rome, Italy.

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A Licensed Psychologist with Conselho Federal de Psicologia do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Wilkens has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology with honours at the Brazilian Institute of Medicine and Rehabilitation (BIMR) in 2016. Specialising in Neuropsychology and Clinical Psychology with a focus in Gestalt Therapy, he is finishing a Master’s Degree in Social Psychology and Humanities at University of Rio de Janeiro State, concentrating on Meditation as a Resource in Psychotherapy. He currently works with local private agencies as a meditation instructor and clinical psychologist, specialising in contemplative and meditative techniques. Wilkens earned his first Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and Economics at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada in 2009. He finished his Professional Master’s Degree in Finance in Economics at the Getúlio Vargas Foundation in 2017 in Rio.  He is a professor at a private university in Rio de Janeiro,  concentrating on Import and Exports, Entrepreneurship and Logistics. An avid world traveller, he has visited more than 40 countries including China, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand, where he deeply immersed myself in Taoist and Buddhist practices. Here Wilkens experienced firsthand how meditation impacts in mental health, cognitive processes, culture and life itself. He also extensively engaged with the Guarani and Kaiowás, indigenous people of the Brazilian countryside, learning from and researching with their Shamans in relation to spirituality and healing.



Andreas Palmieri

Andreas is a member of the Cernunnos Executive Committee and has worked as a fundraiser, coordinator and project manager for numerous NPOs over the past ten years. He guided and trained over a hundred fundraisers for Amnesty International and Greenpeace, among others. Andreas has developed new fundraising solutions for Green Cross, ProInfirmis and Child Right Now. He worked directly with politicians (members of the Swiss National Council) and made on site qualitative assessments.


Michael is fundraising coach for the NPO "Vier Pfoten Schweiz". Over the past 5 years he has worked as Fundraising Teamleader and helped to start the Smart Fundraising organisation in Wales UK as a Advisor and Project Manager for Corris Fundraising. He is Founder and President of the CBO Uganda Hope in Mbale with a second office in Switzerland. Michael has also trained over a hundred individuals in the field fundraising. 

Pierangelo Zanesco

Based in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, Pierangelo handles Cernunnos Media’s technical needs and training. Currently a specialized electronic technician in the manufacturing of machine and automation tools, he studied marketing at the school MPM (Marketing Personnel Management) in Lausanne.  In 2003 Pierangelo co-lead a technical and scenic wiring project for the renovation of the Theatre “L'Heure Bleue”, the 1837 historical national interest theater in La Chaux-de-Fonds. Pierangelo also worked in Rome, Italy on the development of the paper transport robot prototype for newspaper Il Messaggero. 

Licensed Music and Audio Producer. 

Deeply connected to music since a young age, Bernardo obtained a Bachelor´s Degree in phonographic and music production at the Estacio de Sá University (UNESA) in 2018, which provided him the opportunity to work with post-production audio for several audiovisual projects, including the “ELIPSE” award winning “Saudades de Amélia”. For years, he has always felt that music had a truly therapeutic impact on him and other people. Bernardo now aims to use this potential to help others and this belief has led him to start his studies in psychology at the Santa Ursula University, in Rio de Janeiro. Presently, he works as an art therapy and music therapy intern at an institution for people with autism and other special conditions. Bernardo also works as an audio post-production and music composition freelancer. 


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