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Upholding ethics, principles & values of sovereignty


Founder, Director

ST McGuire

Certified End-of-life & Dignity therapist - University of Vermont
"Dignity Therapy is individualised narrative psychotherapy
reducing psychosocial & existential distress
promoting dignity & hope for end-of-life clients & their loved ones (NCBI)" 

Founder Cernunnos Media
Master's Degree Creative & Critical thinking & International Relations
Bachelor's Degree Environmental sustainability - University of Massachusetts
Permaculture Degree - Permaculture College of Australia



Bobby Ricketts

Arts envoy, cultural creative, postgrad educator

Peter Sapira

Smith College lecturer in literature & creative writing


Andreas Palmieri

Andreas has been member of the Cernunnos Executive Committee since 2015 & has worked as a fundraiser, coordinator and project manager for numerous Swiss NPOs over the past decade. He guided & trained over a hundred fundraisers for Amnesty International & Greenpeace, among others. Andreas has developed new fundraising solutions for Green Cross, ProInfirmis & Child Right Now. He worked directly with politicians (members of the Swiss National Council) and made on-site qualitative assessments for these organisations.


Michael Bircher

Michael is fundraising coach for the NPO Vier Pfoten Schweiz. Over the past 5 years he has also worked as fundraising team leader & helped to start the Wales UK-based Smart Fundraising organisation & as an advisor project manager for Corris Fundraising. He is founder & president of the CBO Uganda Hope in Mbale with a second office in Switzerland. Michael has also trained over a hundred individuals in the field fundraising. 


Pierangelo Zanesco

 Based in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, Pierangelo handles Cernunnos Media’s technical needs & training. Currently a specialized electronic technician in the manufacturing of machine & automation tools, he studied marketing at the school MPM (Marketing Personnel Management) in Lausanne.  In 2003 Pierangelo co-lead a technical & scenic wiring project for the renovation of the Theatre L'Heure Bleue, 1837 historical national interest theater in La Chaux-de-Fonds. Pierangelo also worked in Rome, Italy on the development of the paper transport robot prototype for newspaper Il Messaggero

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