Stephan is founder and director of Cernunnos Media & HUNGRY CREATURE.  He is a strategist with the social, economic and environmental forum The Global Summit.  He is a board member for Oakland-based "think tank in action" Empowerment WORKS since 2008.  He has been a producer with Los Angeles-based Tree Media since 1998, serving as Associate Producer of Leonardo DiCaprio’s "The 11th Hour”, and currently serves as Executive Director of Tree Media Foundation.  His Bachelor's Degree is in Sustainable Development and is currently completing his Master’s Degree in Creative and Critical Thinking in International Relations; both with University of Massachusetts. 
Stephan lives most of the year in Rome, Italy.

Kristof studied Communication and Media and International Relations in Budapest, Hungary. He has worked for the Hungarian National Television, various journals and Amnesty International Hungary. Since September 2016, he is participating in another Master's program in Environment and Resource Management at the Vrije University of Amsterdam. He has lived in several countries and has a very multicultural, open-minded character which allowed him to meet interesting people and stories, sparking a passion for him pursuing an environmental career. Apart of Hungarian, Kristof speaks English, Italian and French.

Dragan studied at the International Business Academy in Baden, Austria, and studied Italian for 6 months in Rome, Italy. Learning seven more languages by the time he was twenty years old, helped him to assist people through effective communication skills. Dragan will host the upcoming iDream series for our media network with the aim of encouraging people to “dare to be different”.  His program will focus on the 16-25 year old demographic with the goal of inspiring viewers to find their individual passions in life for collective freedom and peace. Dragan is currently a social media manager at a top 100 Austrian company and will drive Hungry Creature’s social media marketing campaign. 

Dr. Tanya Pergola was born in the United States to parents of Russian and Italian ancestry and was drawn to Africa soon after completing a PhD in Sociology and Social Psychology at the University of Washington in Seattle. In Tanzania, she co-founded Terrawatu, a humanitarian organization working to bridge indigenous and modern know-how through the development of IT classrooms and complimentary health clinics. While in East Africa, Dr. Tanya undertook a decade-long apprenticeship with Maasai traditional healers. She is the author of Time is Cows: Timeless Wisdom of the Maasai.

Andreas is a member of the Cernunnos Executive Committee and has worked as a fundraiser, coordinator and project manager for numerous NPO’s over the past ten years. He guided and trained over a hundred fundraisers for Amnesty International and Greenpeace, among others. Andreas has developed new fundraising solutions for Green Cross, ProInfirmis and Child Right Now. He worked directly with politicians (members of the Swiss National Council) and made on site qualitative assessments.

Switzerland, Uganda

Michael is fundraising coach for the NPO "Vier Pfoten Schweiz". Over the past 5 years he has worked as Fundraising Teamleader and Coordinator for Numerous NGO 's including Greenpeace and Amnesty International. Michael helped to start the Smart Fundraising organisation in Wales UK as a Advisor and Project Manager for Corris Fundraising. He is Founder and President of the CBO Uganda Hope in Mbale, and will open it'ssecond office in Switzerland by the end of this year. Michael has also trained over a hundred individuals in the field of how to raise funds. 

Based in La Chaux-de-fonds, Pierangelo handles Cernunnos Media’s technical needs and training. A specialized electronic technician in the manufacturing of machine and automation tools, he studied marketing at the school MPM (Marketing Personnel Management) in Lausanne, Switzerland.  In 2003 Pierangelo developed and implemented the entire technical and scenic wiring as part of the total renovation of the Theatre “L'Heure Bleue”, a 1837 historical nacional importance theater in La Chaux-de-Fonds. He worked in Rome, Italy in the development of the paper transport robot prototype in the new printing works of the newspaper Il Messaggero. Pierangelo speaks French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese fluently and English as well.

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