Below is a brief listing of CERNUNNOS MEDIA's HUNGRY CREATURE original programs in development:

Propagating political perspective

Our hosts dive into the heart of global political hotspots. Through focussing on trends and developments in European, African and Middle Eastern labyrinths, we contribute to the dialogue that challenges both preconceived and common narratives.

Evolve to solve 

Focuses on environmental topics through interviews with experts, professors, authorities and civilians and explores how innovative thinking stands to impact the human race. 

Innovating economies

Over the past decade, global investment and divestment trends have begun to include ESG (environment, social & governance) considerations. The show engages consultants, CEO’s, academics and other experts working to integrate these into the bottom line.

Dare to be different

Geared toward the 17-25 yr old demographic, iDream examines how inspired young leaders and trend-setters arereinforcing their personal individuality and identity through everyday choices. By driving new directions in consumerism, Dragan will inspire viewers by encouraging them to “dare to be different, to be our unique self".

Ancient wisdom, future world 

Sociologist Dr. Tanya Pergola uncovers links between complex adaptive systems and ancient tribal traditions. A connection to natural rhythms offers an unadulterated perspective of how ideas, values and practices nourish our essential humanity that can contribute to disintegrating the silo-mentality in today’s modern world.